Consumption of Moringa oleifera flour and its effects on the biochemical profile and intestinal motility in an animal model


  • Elen Landgraf Guiguer Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil and School of Food Technology of Marilia (FATEC), São Paulo, Brazil
  • Sandra Maria Barbalho 1Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil 2School of Food Technology of Marilia (FATEC), São Paulo, Brazil
  • Paulo Sergio Marinelli 1Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil 2School of Food Technology of Marilia (FATEC), São Paulo, Brazil
  • Patricia Cincotto Bueno 1Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil 2School of Food Technology of Marilia (FATEC), São Paulo, Brazil
  • Patricia Cincotto Bueno Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Claudemir Gregorio Mendes Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Mirele Cristina Santos Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Leticia Maria Salzedas Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Marie Oshiiwa 1Medical School of Marilia - UNIMAR, Marília, São Paulo, Brazil 2School of Food Technology of Marilia (FATEC), São Paulo, Brazil
  • Manoel Lima Mendes Faculty of Sciences – UNESP, Av Engenheiro Luiz Edmundo Carrijo Coube, 14-01, 17033-360, Bauru, SP, Brazil.
  • Claudia Teixeira Nicolau School of Food Technology of Marilia (FATEC), São Paulo, Brazil
  • Alda Maria Otoboni School of Food Technology of Marilia (FATEC), São Paulo, Brazil


Moringa oleifera, glycaemia, intestinal motility


Moringa oleifera (MO) belongs to the family Moringaceae and is native to tropical Africa. It exhibits many therapeutic properties and has been widely cultivated because of the high food value of the leaves, fruit, flowers and roasted seeds. It possesses high quality protein, calcium, iron, fiber, minerals and essential amino acids. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of MO flour in anthropometric and biochemical profile of Wistar rats. Animals were divided randomly into the following groups (n=10): G1 (control group) and G2 (treated with MO flour mixed to the rat food) were both treated for 40 days and G3 (control group), G4 (treated with senne) and G5 (treated with MO flour) were studied to evaluate the intestinal motility. After 40 days, animals of G1 and G2 were euthanized and evaluation of glycaemia, total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL-c, VLDL-c, HDL-c, C reactive Protein (PCR), hepatic enzymes, Lee Index, weight and visceral fat were performed. Our results showed reduction of visceral fat, total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL-c, and VLDL-c and increase in the HDL-c levels. No significant differences were found in the body weight, glycaemia, hepatic enzymes and PCR. The MO flour also promoted laxative effects similar do senne. Our results with the use of Moringa oleifera flour are very promising, once its use improved lipid profile, prevented weight gain and showed no adverse effects. Thus we may conclude that this flour could be added to industrial products in order to provide healthier products to the consumers.


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